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The Ice Dragon and the Firebird
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24th-May-2016 12:02 pm - Bleach Brave Souls Event
For anyone that plays the Bleach Brave Souls game(for iPhone and android. It's free and really fun) the event going on this week has some HitsuHina goodness!

Here are the highlights:

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Momo Hinamori
21st-Feb-2015 06:59 pm - hello and fanfic
Hello all! Kind of quiet here... has it really been over two years since a post? So sad... what happened?

I recently got back into Bleach and rediscovered my love for HitsuHina... but it seems our heydey has passed, eh? Well, this is a fic offering from me. Unfortunately it's nothing deep, just a PWP... though there is an awful lack of PWP in this fandom, I've found.

Title: private spring
Author: whitealmond
Pairing: HitsuHina
Rating: R18
Spoilers: None
Summary: “Are you coming, Shirou-chan?” She has a half-smile on her face; her eyes are dark and knowing. Decades ago, the look she directs at him now existed only in his dreams, and he had been sure that his dreams would be the only place he would see it.


29th-Jan-2013 10:49 pm - Fanfic: The Apostasy of Roses
Title: The Apostasy of Roses
Pairing: Hitsugaya x Hinamori, hint of one-sided HitsuMatsu, hints of HyouTobi
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their respective owners. I’m just borrowing them.
Summary: Hitsugaya is keeping a secret. Just how far would the 10th division captain go to protect? A darker look at Hitsugaya’s and Hinamori’s relationship. Post-Winter Arc/AU.
Warning: Heavy hints of abuse.
Comments: Holy cow, it's quiet in here! We need to liven things up again! XD


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8th-Apr-2012 12:43 am - Doujinshi Sale
   I hope this is okay to post here! If it's not, please let me know and I'll take it down right away! ^^;; I just wanted to let you all know that I'm selling a couple of HitsuHina doujinshi on my livejournal page. My collection is starting to get out of control, so I need to get rid of some of 'em. If interested, please give these doujinshi a new home!

29th-Mar-2012 02:36 am - The final episode ending
As you may know already know, the Bleach anime has ended(in Japan. It still airs on adultswim on Saturday nights).

But we did get one final treat in the episode ending!

It's just a small scene(no talking, since the ending theme song is playing) of Hinamori meeting up with Hitsugaya(sadly she did not get a new look after the time-jump thing).
She smiles at him, he smiles at her.
Then Matsumoto comes up behind Hitsugaya and she(her boobs actually) push him forward towards Hinamori and it's all slow-motion as he's falling towards her.
No actual "action", but it's not difficult to guess what's about to happen!

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Hanji ready to play with titans
31st-Dec-2011 10:59 pm - fanfic || .caught [Bleach] || ch:003

Title: .caught
Fandom: Bleach
Rating: PG-13 
Pairing: Semi-HitsuHina
Disclaimer: I don't own. 
A bit depressing fo the New Year... but a fic all the same. 

Summary: He'd killed ten in a single month. Ten. And he was at it again.

(a dead girl watches through shuttered eyes)

chapter 1 || chapter 2 

28th-Nov-2011 01:25 am - Hey :)

Hi. My name is Akida and my most favorite bleach couple is HitsuHina <3 I will litterally jump for joy if they get together in the manga. Anyways, I like to make HitsuHina fanfictions. I have 3 uploaded and I'm currently working on more. (2 one shots so far, one muli-chapter well more like multi-oneshots)

Heres the link to my FF.net account so you can pick which story you wish to read if you are interested.


None of them should contain spoilers.

100+ HitsuHina rules and Stories should not contain any spoilers, its Rated T for safety and may contain cursing in later chapters. (Any adult themed stories will be posted seperately) Humor/Romance. This "story" is basically 100+ Rules and Stories (Goal). For each rule, there will be a story that goes along with it.

Day at the Dentist is rated T due to Hitsugaya's cursing. Hinamori has to go to the dentist due to a sore baby tooth. Based on my experence getting my baby tooth pulled while I was at the dentist. Humor/Romance (Not sure what else I was suppose to place it in).

Fix a heart is rated T for safety (Thinking about changing the rating to K). Aizen comes back to try to hurt Hinamori again but she doesn't fall for it.

I hope you enjoy reading them :) (To get to them just use the link to my FF.net profile)

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